fka twigs bush

Could FKA Twigs become the new Kate Bush?

Comparing artists is often pretty pointless, I don’t really believe in it. But I think we can all agree that sometimes we just can’t help but make some unconscious associations between performers. Making connections between things is our instinctive way of trying to understand them better. For example, the more I find about Twigs, the more I think of Kate Bush – one of my most admired artists. Both women are all round, complete artists: creators, producers, singers, and dancers.

Both Twigs and Bush seem shy, even naive off stage, but both are fully in control at all times. Both are highly aware of small details, adding deeper layers of meaning to their lyrics and music videos. I even see similarities in the way they collaborate with other artists. Kate Bush had a deep understanding of the music of her time, but still established her very own style, this has probably one of the keys to her huge success. Twigs is just starting out in the industry, but her sound feels again, somehow unique. Of course it reflects a few trends – today there’s more music published than ever before – but perhaps that’s just a reflection of how much the music business has grown and explored since the musical scene in which Bush worked during the 80′s. Another point I find they have in common is how they play sensuality against sexuality… Twigs is more explicit than Bush, and is known for some “controversial” lyrics (hello XXI century!) but hasn’t gone as far as Hanna Montana or Nicki Minaj.

Kate Bush songs have such strong personality, people at the time were shocked – it was absolutely a love it or hate it thing. She made some chart-topping hits, but was even more prolific with her ‘not so easy-listening’ stuff. She remained true to her beliefs rather than simply producing music that would work commercially. I hope FKA Twigs follows Bush’s example and brings out even more honest and real music in the future. Maybe there’s no need to be quite as commercially isolated as Bush, but making videos like the forced  collaboration with Google Glass definitely won’t help.

And just for the record, far from trying to give advise (I’m a nobody and she won’t ever read this….), this comparison exercise is really just my humble prayer to the Music Gods. I love the idea of a talented artist being successful by doing things her (or his) own way. The music industry needs this, because right now there’s too much scepticism, and too many people doing shit all about it.