Dj Soak / Vol. 2

dj soak mixcrate

It’s been a couple of months already since we started with this project, the Mixcrates, this is how we call it. And I am going to use the chance to explain it all again, because this is not yet another mixtape serie. This time is not about pretending how cool we are, how many cutting edge bands we know or how good dj we can (wanna) be. We came with the idea that could be really nice to see (to listen, actually) what’s the real THING behind a name. What kind of music does this person really listen to. Rainy day, home alone. That song that never fitted in any mixtape you did before because you would not even admit you like it.

In fact, for us, the essence of a mixtape is about showing feelings and states of mind trough the magic of each song. As you can see, we have so clear what The Saving Soul Mixcrate are NOT, but not what they are at all, they are something up to the author, but something honest, that’s for sure. Now, we proudly present what Soak did with it, turn it up: