Cristiano Nicolini / Vol. 6

The Saving Soul Mixcrate Vol. 6

It is late night but instead of going to sleep I’m here preparing this text. It is not because I can’t sleep or because I am stupid, it is because ‘we love what we do‘. What do we do? A lot and nothing at the same time. Cristiano Nicolini (from Plastik Joy) is probably not sleeping either, he may be just pushing buttons at the studio or at home, if there’s a difference anymore. He is one of this kind I am talking about, and thanks to that he found the time to create this great piece for Rebited.


nicolini by morcky

This Mixcrate is quiet different, it is from another period of time let’s say. And there is no specific period of time for this our series of mixtapes. We just want them to be an honest look back and to avoid weird tricks to mix each track… So I wanted to say, what is old music? Which is music from the past? This volume 6 from Cristiano brings us songs from the 90′s and early 00′s, and yes: we are getting old, I mean that period is definitely the past. Actually, what I wanted to say is that there is no past at all, because there is hardly new either. Does it even make sense? Now, just try to find some time to do this thing you love while listening to our new Saving Soul Mixcrate vol.6.