The Charles Bradley Star


Sometimes a star tags you in a post for you to listen to something. For you to realize that you don’t know shit. Didn’t even hear the name of the guy and the video was on this VEVO youtube thing… And what do you do when you check stuff there? That’s right, read the comments. So people wonder how big would have been Mr. Bradley if happened to be on the 60’s. Well if you check a little bit more, you find out he was making a living as a James Brown impersonator.
I heard similar things of Michael Kiwanuka, about being like from another era. Well, I don’t think so. I was listening to him until someone very smart asked me to turn that shit down because it remind her of Norah Jones. So true, quite mediocre. The point was not to compare, Bradley is just like ‘real’. He works hard, he sweats (a lot). Why do we need to talk about better old times? Funk and soul still big, probably always will, just wait somebody comes to tell you about it, I was looking in the wrong direction.